A large part of our business day involves fabricating our customers’ orders. With several welders and fabricators on staff we are able to handle most any size job that appears in the shop. Repairs and fabrication to machinery, equipment, tools, boat fittings, masts and vehicles are undertaken daily.

We can handle all types of vehicle body work, repairs and spray painting. We are able to build just about anything that requires steel or aluminum in the construction and  fabrication process. 

 There are three lathes to get the machining orders completed and in fact, we have the largest lathe on the Island. Our fabricating tools include many items. Oxyacetylene (brazing, cutting & soldering), plasma cutter,  wire feed MIG welder, TIG welding and Arc welding. There are welding jigs, two large drill presses, hydraulic  presses and sheet benders used as well in the fabrication  process.

We have two large band saws for precision cutting  angle, flat bar, pipe, rod and beams. Where steadiness and consistency is required, a motor drive oxy-fuel cutting tool is used. Labour rates can be found in the FAQ section.